Our Approach to Pediatric Health Care -

Practicing Evidence Based Medicine

At Holland Pediatrics we strive to practice evidence based medicine, whenever possible, insuring that your child receives the best medical care possible. Evidence-based medicine (sometimes shortened to EBM) is a term applied to medical treatments and interventions that have been thoroughly evaluated by peer-reviewed journals, and have been deemed safe and effective by the scientific community.

To be classified as an evidence-based medical practice or guideline, a medication or intervention must be thoroughly evaluated using the scientific method. Medical interventions are evaluated based on the risks and benefits revealed during clinical trials, which must be randomized and placebo-controlled. Experts review data from these studies to determine whether or not the treatment can generally be recognized as safe and/or effective.

Although EBM is most often used for traditional medications and treatments, it is increasingly being used to evaluate complementary or alternative treatments as well, allowing us to help provide input on safety and effectiveness of these treatments.

We treat your kids the same as we treat our own, and want the best treatment available for everyone. This often may include monitoring symptoms closely without any treatment.

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