Behavioral Issues

There are few areas that raise more concern among parents than their child's behavior. Pediatricians are often asked about the best approach to "behavior problems" but the best approach is not always clear-cut. In fact, the many professionals that deal with children often do not agree on the best approach and often there are several approaches that seem to work.

Parents frequently have difficulty telling the difference between variations in normal behavior and behavioral problems because what is normal is often dependent on a child's level of development. Children of the same age often vary in their level of development. Additionally, a child's development can be uneven so that a child's social, physical and intellectual development may not all be at the same level. Finally, each one of us has different behavior expectations for our children based on our own family, cultural and social values.

We hope that you find the resources and links listed below helpful in determining whether a behavior is a problem. We feel that they present a reasonable approach to problems. For some families this information may be all that is needed. Others may want to make an office appointment to discuss the problem further. In a few instances we may refer you to a child behavioral specialist.